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EcoPlanet Bamboo Nicaragua Plantations

In Q4 2022 Hurricane Julia made landfall on the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua. It represented the 4th hurricane to hit the area within a 48 month period, but the only one to have an impact on EcoPlanet's Bamboo operations in Nicaragua. Please find a statement on Hurricane Julia and the ongoing clean up efforts of the significant volumes of debris that were dropped on the bamboo reforestation area, here.

EcoPlanet Bamboo owns and operates three bamboo plantations within the El Rama region of Nicaragua's Atlantic Coast. Combined these represent almost 10,000 acres of restored forest landscapes.


These sustainably managed bamboo plantations have been grown from seed of native Guadua bamboo from a flowering event that occurred in Nicaragua between 2009-2012, giving them an 80+ year productive timeline if managed sustainably.

EcoPlanet's Nicaraguan bamboo plantations represent a diverse ecosystem, with no trees cleared during the planting of bamboo. Instead, the bamboo clumps were interplanted between remnant patches of tropical forest and standing trees. As a result, EcoPlanet Bamboo has conserved more than 1,000 hectares of primary tropical forest, within this global biodiversity hotspot.

In addition to the bamboo plantations, EcoPlanet Bamboo owns and operates a strategic property located within the vicinity of El Rama town, which houses the company's headquarters, pre-processing and manufacturing sites. This property has easy access to the Port,  allowing for the easy export of raw and pre-processed bamboo as well as future finished products directly from the company's facilities. 

Learn more about the Forest Landscape Restoration benefits of EcoPlanet's Nicaraguan plantations at:

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