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Information on the silvicultural and technical management of bamboo is a challenge for species, and growing contexts, and management regimes outside of China. With almost a decade of experience in commercializing and industrializing bamboo around the world, as well as a network of bamboo research trials and technology development across the globe, EcoPlanet provides unparalleled knowledge and expertise to drive bamboo as a tool for landscape restoration, bio-economies and poverty alleviation.

Our team has carried out National Bamboo Feasibility & Value Chain Studies for a number of Governments, and has been engaged in assisting Government bodies in the potential to replace foreign imports for wood and fiber products with domestically grown and manufactured bamboo.

In addition to our experience in bamboo, our team are experts in sustainable forest management certification standards, climate change methodologies and accounting and the application of internationally accredited performance standards for land use projects.

Consulting & Advisory Services

EcoPlanet's team of bamboo experts has carried out consulting projects for a wide diversity of clients. This work has included:

- Bamboo feasibility studies

- GIS & remote sensing of bamboo

- Bamboo plantation management plans

- Bamboo for forest landscape restoration & conservation purposes

- Development of bamboo bio-economies

- Quantification & project documentation for bamboo carbon analysis

Plantation Management

In addition to EcoPlanet's wholly owned bamboo plantations in Central America & Africa our team is providing on-going management services to early stage bamboo operations across a wide diversity of geographies and contexts.


These services are tailor-made to the specific context of each project and in line with the requirements of each project partner. They range from development of bamboo nurseries through to full scale developments.

Sustainable Value Chains

Although bamboo has immense potential to be an alternative fiber for a variety of wood & fiber industries, many of the current manufacturing technologies are far from environmentally friendly. Our team assists governments, private sector and non profit projects with ensuring that bamboo value chains are green from seed to sale through selection and provision of non-advertised technologies designed specifically for the unique properties of bamboo.


EcoPlanet Bamboo's team has more than a decade of experience in the development of bamboo as a commercial plant. Our team has unparalleled hands on experience in the silvicultural science behind growing and managing bamboo at scale across a wide range of species and geographies. This cutting edge experience is combined with a deep knowledge of bamboo policy and legal frameworks, investment models and manufacturing technologies.

Global Bamboo Experts
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