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EcoPlanet Bamboo is working to transform major market sectors, replacing plastic and styrofoam single use packaging with a bamboo molded pulp alternative, and replacing unsustainable toilet and tissue papers with a forest-friendly bamboo alternative. Future initiatives target the production of a sustainable alternative textile.


The conversion of degraded land into certified bamboo farms and plantations is coupled with investment into development of innovative technology to provide turnkey solutions for products and markets that currently contribute to the deforestation of our world’s natural forests.

Although bamboo can be used across a range of industries and products, EcoPlanet Bamboo is prioritizing a focus on the immediate transformation of two key market sectors:

  • Moulded Pulp Packaging

  • Toilet & Tissue Papers

These industries are targeted due to the immense environmental issues caused by current supply chains and manufacturing, and the resulting positive impact that can be gained by shifting to EcoPlanet's bamboo alternative.

We are implementing green manufacturing technologies to convert our raw bamboo fiber into a bamboo pulp, without the toxic waste streams and high footprints of traditional pulp mills. Our bamboo pulp will then feed directly into conversion facilities based on the targeted end product, ensuring all EcoPlanet and partner products are clean from start to finish. This integration allows us to produce bamboo paper and packaging products that can not only replace unsustainable alternatives, but do so at a price that allows all consumers to make guilt free purchases.


Molded Pulp Packaging

The food and beverage industry contributes heavily to our dependence on single use products. Utilizing our virgin bamboo fiber, EcoPlanet's molded pulp and thermoform packaging provides a fully biodegradable, compostable alternative to plastic and styrofoam.

Toilet & Tissue Paper

It's an environmental disaster to still be harvesting ancient forests for toilet and tissue papers - products that are used for only a few seconds before being discarded. EcoPlanet is targeting the production of 100% bamboo toilet paper, allowing consumers to transform their impact from 

deforestation to reforestation.

EcoPlanet Bamboo Toilet Paper.png

Alternative Textiles

Fast fashion has a devastating toll on our planet. From unsustainable cotton production to the illegal harvesting of ancient forests for the production of rayon & viscose. EcoPlanet is working to finalize a chemical free manufacturing technology for the production of a green, alternative fiber from certified bamboo resources.

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