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Teaming up with TerraCarbon

25th April 2013

With the creation of the world's first triple certified carbon credits comes a desire to ensure that the purchaser of these credits matches EcoPlanet Bamboo's outlook on business and the environment.

With combined VCS, CCBA and FSC certification, EcoPlanet Bamboo's offsets offer far more than just a carbon credit. The project's significant positive impact on both the environment and social development within the region have been recognized by both the World Bank and the World Wildlife Foundation.

In order to achieve a partnership that is more meaningful than a straightforward sale of verified offsets, we have teamed up with TerraCarbon, one of the oldest and most respected entities within the forest carbon world in order to locate such a partner.

For more information please visit TerraCarbon's overview of EcoPlanet Bamboo's projects here. Or read the company's Earth Day 2013 newsletter.

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