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RPM Global Solutions Partners with EcoPlanet Bamboo

10th September 2012

RPM Global Solutions’ Wayne Lovelace – the originator of RPM technology – and Kimberley Lovelace Young visited EcoPlanet Bamboo Southern Africa’s Kowie Bamboo Farm.

Wayne and Kim traveled from Missouri, USA to the Eastern Cape in South Africa to trial their patented RPM technology on our bamboo, representing the start of a new relationship between RPM Global Solutions and EcoPlanet Bamboo Group.

Working closely with the local women employed in EcoPlanet Bamboo Southern Africa's nursery, Wayne and Kim trained both EcoPlanet Bamboo's management team and the nursery staff in their technology which has proven results in the increased biomass accumulation of numerous species, before transplanting 5,000 Bambusa balcooa plantlets using RPM technology.

This research aims to show that bamboo plantlets to which the RPM technology has been applied will have enhanced root development leading to bamboo plants with accelerated early stage growth and time to maturity, improved stress tolerance and better overall performance, particularly with regards to long term biomass accumulation.

Their visit opens potential partnerships and opportunities for further studies to continue building knowledge on the vast potential of bamboo’s environmental, social and financial impacts.

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