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Opening of the World Bamboo Exhibition

31st March 2012

One of the most exciting international events in the field of bamboo this year, is the World Bamboo Exhibition (WBE), which officially opens April 1st.

EcoPlanet Bamboo is proud to be showcased within this exhibition.

Co-sponsored by The World Bamboo Organization, the WBE is a perfect platform for bamboo companies and organizations to show their products and trade worldwide.

WBE is a modern, virtual internet exhibition hosted at the IVEC website- (International Virtual Exhibition Center). With the development of the bamboo sector globally, it aims to gather bamboo related business, organizations, research institutes and NGO's in one place, thus creating a beautiful mosaic and informational directory of the bamboo activities around the world.

WBE will be present at the world bamboo congress at Antwerp, Belgium on April 13-14, where a demonstration of a virtual 3d booth will be available.

For more infomation, visit the WBE at

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