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Materials World Magazine - Bamboo as a Super Alternative?

16th December 2013

CEO Troy Wiseman talks to Materials World Magazine on bamboo's potential as an alternative fiber for manufacturing industries that produce products used throughout our daily lives.

In a recent article author Eoin Redahan considers whether bamboo and algae could be considered the next "super-alternatives", and if so, where are they in our daily lives.

Interviewing EcoPlanet Bamboo on whether bamboo should be a niche product, or rather, an alternative for existing timber industries, Redahan discusses the factors required to take a relatively new material, and commercialize it. From ensuring a secure supply of raw resource, through performance testing and legislative requirements, he emphasizes that these aspects require not only investment, but time.

Redahan concludes that although both these materials, bamboo and algae, frequent public media in waves, behind the scenes companies such as EcoPlanet Bamboo are carrying out the heavy lifting:

"These things go through a classic curve. You have this huge expectation initially. It drops away and everyone thinks it has died a death, but a lot of work is going on in the background. And then, suddenly, the material appears as a commercial animal."

Read the whole article, published on November 26th, here.

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