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Innovation Prize for Africa

23rd April 2013

EcoPlanet Bamboo has been shortlisted for the 2013 IPA award, a joint initiative between the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa and the African Innovation Foundation.

The IPA's mission is to elevate attention around innovative work and help support the vision of entrepreneurs across Africa. EcoPlanet Bamboo has made the shortlist of 22 out of an initial 905 applications through our South African initiatives which combine unique expertise in the development of bamboo plantations with customized technology to produce cost effective, clean carbonized products that address critical markets:

  • Water and air treatment (production of activated carbon)
  • Renewable energy (production of green charcoal
  • Ever degrading agricultural land (production of biochar)

This is achieved through the integration of two entities operating in tandem:

1. EcoPlanet Bamboo Southern Africa is responsible for the development of South Africa's first commercial bamboo plantations and the subsequent harvesting of sustainably certified raw bamboo.

2. EcoPlanet Core Carbon manufactures clean carbon products within a low waste facility, located on site reducing transport costs and environmental footprints.

EcoPlanet Bamboo has overcome numerous barriers associated with the commercial production of clumping bamboo which exhibits unique attributes:

  • Reaching maturity within 5-7 years
  • An ecological growth pattern that allows for annual harvesting
  • Production of more than 5 times the biomass per hectare of traditional tree plantations or the common Chinese bamboo, Moso

EcoPlanet Bamboo is honored to be recognized by the IPA for the contribution of these initiatives in addressing critical issues in Africa.

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