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FSC Certification for EcoPlanet Bamboo's Central America Plantations

15th November 2012

On the heels of our VCS validation, EcoPlanet Bamboo has received FSC Forest Management certification for our Rio Siquia and Rio Kama plantations in Central America.

Our FSC certification, carried out by Rainforest Alliance, marks another major milestone for the bamboo industry, as this is the first FSC certification for bamboos outside of China and for tropical clumping bamboos globally.

The adoption of FSC’s 10 Principles and Criteria  - including protecting workers rights, monitoring and assessing our social and environmental impacts, and reducing pressures on and promoting the restoration and conservation of natural forests – strengthen our current aim to produce triple bottom line returns.

Our Central American FSC certified bamboo plantations are strategically located within 2 days shipping to the USA, and meets the growing market demand for a consistent quality supply of FSC certified material to wood manufacturing and timber-based companies.

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