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EcoPlanet Core Carbon Hires President, Setting the Stage for Global Expansion

2nd June 2014

Richard Achterberg, Founder and Director of ATC Solutions, has joined EcoPlanet Bamboo as President of EcoPlanet Core Carbon.

Richard brings with him more than a decade in the R&D and development of bamboo based applications, including the use of waste from the carbonization of bamboo into various composites used for high tech applications across a range of industries. Dutch born and resident, Richard's network in the Netherlands represents a strategic opportunity, with the Netherlands representing a significant market for Core Carbon products.

EcoPlanet Core Carbon is the technology development and manufacturing arm of EcoPlanet Bamboo Group. The company is a global leader in the production of activated carbon utilizing bamboo as a feedstock, as well as other carbonized and bioenergy products.

Currently operating on site at EcoPlanet Bamboo's plantations in South Africa's Eastern Cape, Richard will provide the company the scaleability necessary to expand Core Carbon's processing and R&D facilities into new markets, both globally, and for new applications.

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