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EcoPlanet Bamboo visits Oprins Belgian Facilities

21st May 2012

Following the World Bamboo Congress, EcoPlanet Bamboo had the opportunity to have a guided tour around Oprins Plant BV, with Founder Jan Oprins.

Oprins professional plant propogation facilities cover an impressive area in the heart of Belgium. The operations begin with the propogation of plantlets through the splitting of selected parent material - a process which happens multiple times under sterile conditions, ensuring that the plants develop free of bacteria and fungi.

They begin their growth period within a gel medium, which supplies all the necessary nutrients and the correct growing environment for these tiny plantlets to develop fully functioning root systems and photosynthetic material.

Once these plantlets have reached a certain size they are transferred from the laboratories to Oprin's greenhouses for another period of growth and maturation. The length of this phase depends upon the individual species.

At this point, the seedlings are ready for sale, or for the transfer into private or commercial nurseries where they undergo a final stage of maturity prior to outplanting.

From a bamboo perspective, these particular operations in Belgium are focused on the production of temperate species, and not those grown by EcoPlanet Bamboo. However, the process remains the same.

For photos of this process and the technologies involved, please visit our Facebook album at:

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