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EcoPlanet Bamboo to Present Prestigious Bamboo Pioneer Awards

10th January 2012

World Bamboo Organization Chooses EcoPlanet Bamboo as Presenter of the Prestigious Bamboo Pioneer Awards, Antwerp Belgium 2012


The World Bamboo Congress (WBC), held every three years by the World Bamboo Organization (WBO), represents a congregation of scientists, engineers, public and private sector participants sharing knowledge, experience and expertise on the ever developing bamboo field.

From its reputation as a “poor man’s timber” to its current potential as a high-end wood product that provides better structural, architectural and visual qualities than traditional alternatives, bamboo’s use globally has progressed at an unprecedented rate.

Such developments and the advances we have seen in the science, technology and application of bamboo and its value added products would not have been possible had it not been for the sheer determination and persistence of a number of individuals.

Acknowledging U.S. based EcoPlanet Bamboo’s leadership and commitment - financially, socially and environmentally - to the bamboo revolution in Central America and Africa, WBO and WBC have chosen the Company as the sponsor of the 9th WBC Bamboo Pioneer Awards, which recognize the lifelong commitments of such individuals, including Oscar Hidalgo Lopez, Jules Janssen, Wenyu Hsiung, Masatoshi Watanabe and Shuen Chao Wu. “These men have dedicated their lives to bamboo, and in so doing, increased the world’s understanding of this incredible resource. These men laid the vital groundwork for what is happening today,” says Susanne Lucas, Founder and Executive Director of WBO.

EcoPlanet Bamboo CEO Troy Wiseman says “EPB feels privileged to acknowledge these individuals, without whom the bamboo market would not have reached the advanced stages of development that we see today. Their contribution has made possible the potential for bamboo to replace hardwoods sourced from tropical forests, thereby addressing critical environmental issues such as deforestation and climate change, while providing valuable employment opportunities in remote areas.”

The presentation of these awards by WBO & EcoPlanet Bamboo will mark the inauguration of the 9th WBC, to be held in Antwerp, Belgium April 2012. The six-day event will focus on the newest developments in bamboo science and agro-forestry, as well as modern design innovations and architectural applications. For more information, see &

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