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EcoPlanet Bamboo Southern Africa Celebrates World Bamboo Day

20th September 2012

EcoPlanet Bamboo Southern Africa’s Kowie Bamboo Farm celebrated World Bamboo Day with over 100 of its workers, local community and school kids.

The event was marked by tributes to the vast benefits of bamboo from its social to environmental impacts. Prior to Kowie Bamboo Farm, the land was a degraded former pineapple plantation, and there were few jobs for this impoverished community. Today, EcoPlanet Bamboo’s Kowie Bamboo Farm employs workers who live on our farm as well as in the surrounding communities, and is creating a lasting impact through the provision of stable employment and trainings.

The many environmental benefits of bamboo were highlighted throughout the event such as its ability to reduce soil erosion, provide clean water, conserve biodiversity, and mitigate climate change. With more then 5,000 different applications, the potential of bamboo to impact the environment and society is immense.

The event continued with celebrations of bamboo through traditional song and dance. The local women’s group and our female employees danced and sang in traditional dress, encapsulating the gifts of bamboo in their culture. The choir from Wilson’s Party School, a school were many of the children living on our farm attend, composed and sang songs about the importance of bamboo in their lives and conserving our environment for future generations. There was even a drawing contest where the kids put their talents on paper to create beautiful bamboo masterpieces.

The significance of celebrating World Bamboo Day was carried throughout the event by teaching and inspiring the local community about bamboo, ensuring that bamboo is used sustainably in order to conserve our environment and impact social change.

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