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EcoPlanet Bamboo Signs Ancient Forest Friendly Policy with Canopy

15th October 2014

Cellulosic pulp for the clothing industry is a major driver of deforestation. Canadian based Canopy is working hand in hand with major brands to reduce the footprint of this industry. EcoPlanet Bamboo has signed an Ancient Forest Friendly Policy with Canopy, marking our commitment to developing bamboo as deforestation free alternative fiber for the textile industry.

EcoPlanet Bamboo has committed to the development of an environmentally preferred yarn for the textile industry. For major players to be able to make a switch to an alternative fiber such as bamboo, 2 things are required:

1. A secure and certified large scale supply of fiber that can be fed into existing supply chains
2. New technologies that address current environmental issues inherent within the pulping industry

EcoPlanet Bamboo has the development of (1) well underway, and through its partnership with Canopy is working to provide a comprehensive solution to global brands that have made the commitment to stop purchasing pulp that originates from the harvesting of old growth and ancient forests.

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