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EcoPlanet Bamboo Central America Receives “Golden Company of Excellence” Award

5th November 2013

The Nicaraguan National Program of Culture selected EcoPlanet Bamboo Central America (EPB CA) as the 2013 Golden Company of Excellence.

EPB CA was honored for for its innovative practices, sustainable approach to planting and efforts to raise environmental and social awareness throughout Nicaragua. EPB CA accepted the award at the 16th annual Academic Excellence Ceremony, which took place at the American University of Nicaragua.

Nicaragua’s National Program of Culture selects three companies of excellence each year from the agriculture, industry and technology sectors to receive recognition. Out of these three companies, one company is recognized as the “Golden Company of Excellence” and has the opportunity to present its operations and business philosophy to the highest ranked students from the Atlantic, Central and Pacific regions of Nicaragua at the award ceremony.

As the Golden Company of Excellence, EPB CA presented on the company’s core values, explaining how it ensures that its operations address economic, environmental and social sustainability and highlighting its approach to environmental protection and community engagement. EPB CA also used the opportunity to raise awareness on bamboo, explaining its many benefits to the students.

EPB CA presented a Diploma of Academic Excellence to more than 150 primary school students at the ceremony. They also gave each student an award band with the EPB logo and the slogan “Academic Excellence 2013.” The students signed a piece of bamboo and had the opportunity to speak with EPB CA staff about the company’s practices and bamboo in general.

Twenty-seven students from the Atlantic region of Nicaragua, where EPB CA conducts its operations, received awards for academic excellence. EPB CA sponsored the travel costs for these students, some of whom had never left their region before.

EPB CA also increased awareness on bamboo through a booklet produced by the National Program of Culture, “Let’s Save Nicaragua.” The National Program of Culture distributes 4,000 of these booklets in schools throughout the country. EPB CA wrote a one-page message on ways to create positive environmental impact in communities and schools, which was included as the last page of the booklet. EPB CA included an email address (iwanttolearn@ecoplanetbamboo) for the students to contact EPB CA with questions about protecting the environment and bamboo.

The National Program of Culture’s Board of Directors selects the three leading companies annually through a competitive nomination process. The Board speaks with companies, schools and other community groups to identify companies that create a substantial impact in their region. Through this process, the Board selected EPB CA as the leading agricultural company in Nicaragua.

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