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EcoPlanet Bamboo Celebrates Benefits of Bamboo

27th September 2013

EcoPlanet Bamboo celebrated World Bamboo Day on 20 September 2013 at its plantations in Nicaragua and South Africa.

EcoPlanet Bamboo Southern Africa (EPBSA) celebrated World Bamboo Day with over 100 staff and community members at Kowie Bamboo Farm. Celebrations included a traditional gumboot dance, poetry, gospel songs sung by staff and a community choir, and a piñata.

As part of its efforts to raise awareness on the many benefits of bamboo, EPBSA management staff performed an original play, “Bringing Bamboo to South Africa,” about the experiences of a woman who created a bamboo plantation to support job creation in her community. The play illustrated the benefits of bamboo and highlighted operational achievements. Mzuvukile, one of EPBSA’s field workers, read a poem that described how working at EPBSA has transformed his life and encouraged others to learn more about bamboo. Staff then closed the event with a slideshow of the history of EPBSA and its current activities and achievements.

Maintenance Team 3, which is headed by Mabhoyisana “Scara” Ngxako, was recognized as EPBSA’s “Team of the Month” at the event. EPBSA management selects the team of the month based on their merit, productivity statistics, and attendance. Maintenance Team 3 has the highest productivity of all the teams and the best attendance record. The wining team receives certificates and R200 (about US$ 20) and their names are all displayed on the company’s signboard.

Across the world in Nicaragua, EcoPlanet Bamboo Central American (EPBCA) plantations and offices celebrated their Second World Bamboo Day. The festivities began with EPBCA management presenting the aims of World Bamboo Day and describing annual progress on EPBCA bamboo plantations. Farm Directors then described the many benefits of bamboo, describing how there are over 1,000 uses for bamboo and emphasizing how the plantations contribute to eradicating poverty in surrounding communities.

The day continued with lunch and games, including a soccer match and a bamboo race where groups of two carried a bamboo internode across a field without using their hands. Staff also competed against each other to answer questions about bamboo, such as naming the benefits of bamboo and listing different bamboo species. The winners received EPB t-shirts and bracelets. The day concluded with all participants signing their name on a piece of bamboo and posing for a picture.

World Bamboo Day is celebrated around the world to increase awareness of bamboo globally.

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