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EcoPlanet Bamboo at Sustainatopia

16th April 2013

CEO Troy Wiseman will present at The Impact Conference 2013 on how EcoPlanet Bamboo's green models fit in to the new environment of impact investing, with a twist.

Delegates from more than 44 countries are gathered this week in Miami at Sustainatopia's 2013 Impact Conference, one of the world's largest meeting places for the concern of financial, social and environmental sustainability.

At a personal invite from John Rosser, the founder of Sustainatopia, EcoPlanet Bamboo will provide insights into the Company's Green Model as well as highlight the certification standards and metric used to evaluate such triple bottom line impact.

EcoPlanet Bamboo's mission is closely aligned with the issues under discussion by Sustainatopia and the Impact Conference. Our projects have proven that business can have positive social and environmental impact, not at the expense of healthy financial returns, but in conjunction with them. Achieving this requires a Company to prioritize shareholder returns while building a corporate culture of positive social and environmental impact.

The Impact Conference at Sustainatopia aims, among other things to:

  • Promote economic development within the Latin American region by utilizing Impact Investing + Financial, Social & Environmental Sustainability.
  • Educate traditional finance (private banking, venture capital, and angel investment) about investment opportunities within Impact Investing + Financial, Social & Environmental Sustainability.

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