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EcoPlanet Bamboo 2013 National Leader in Occupational Health

16th August 2013

EcoPlanet Bamboo has been awarded the 2013 National Leader in Occupational Health, Safety and Hygiene by the Nicaraguan Ministry of Labor.

Over the past few years EcoPlanet Bamboo has created more than 500 jobs in one of the poorest regions of Central America. During this time, EcoPlanet Bamboo Central America President, John Vogel, has strived to develop a working environment on our plantations that encourages the surrounding communities to be proud of their involvement with the company.

In addition to the use of certification standards including Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and Climate, Community, Biodiversity Alliance (CCBA) EcoPlanet Bamboo has worked to develop best practices and company standard operating procedures relating to all aspects of employee health and safety, across all our plantations. Not least has been the empowerment of women, which make up a minimum of 25% across all of our teams. These aspects have been built into the core of our company's culture.

Each year the Nicaraguan Ministry of Labor presents awards to the private sector in order to recognize companies that go above and beyond legislative requirements with regards to worker's health and safety. EcoPlanet Bamboo has been selected as the 2013 National Leader in Occupational Health, Hygiene and Safety - the highest level of award.

The Ministry of Labor will present the award during an official ceremony later this year.

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