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Driving a Sustainable Bamboo Industry

11th October 2012

EcoPlanet Bamboo Group, the largest owner of commercial bamboo plantations outside China with plantations in Central America and Africa, offers sustainably grown and harvested bamboo to the international markets.

As a raw material, bamboo offers an alternative to slow-growth tropical hardwoods, creating business opportunities and secure supply for wood manufacturing and timber-based companies.

Allfiber Group, a partner of EcoPlanet Bamboo, is one such green company that is creating the infrastructure to process bamboo for the manufacture and marketing of Bamboo Oriented Strand Board for engineered bamboo building products such as flooring and roofing. Allfiber Group’s bamboo manufacturing plants will utilize clean energy and technology.

EcoPlanet Bamboo partners with companies such as with Allfiber Group as their supplier of bamboo. Coupling their green processing techniques with our sustainable supply of raw and semi processed bamboo, we are able to offer products to the international markets that reduce pressure on natural forests, while ensuring that this growing industry is driven sustainably.

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