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Conservation Efforts at EcoPlanet Bamboo SA

3rd August 2012

When EcoPlanet Bamboo Southern Africa purchased our Kowie Bamboo Farm, it was a degraded farm previously under pineapple production.

While there were areas of natural vegetation, it was clear that it needed further regenerating and expanding to keep this fragile ecosystem vibrant.

Our firm commitment to conserving the environment led EcoPlanet Bamboo Southern Africa to strategically plan our plantation development to minimize impacts and mitigate potential negative risks to biodiversity on our farm.

Much of the biodiversity on the farm is endemic to the Eastern Cape. Added measures taken by EcoPlanet Bamboo SA such as putting aside conservation areas and biological corridors is conserving the biodiversity within the farm, and thus boosting ecosystem productivity.

Today, our African bamboo plantation is home to Bambusa balcooa bamboo as well as many other flora and fauna. Some of the biodiversity on our farm includes duikers, Kingfishers, puff adders, as well as Aloe ferox whose amazing beauty is flowering all over the plantation.

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