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Can bamboo live up to the hype?

7th February 2012

EcoPlanet Bamboo believes so - IF benchmarks, standards and best practice guidelines are developed from the start.

A recent article in the ecologist ( questions whether bamboo and the expansion of bamboo plantations are simply the next in a line of 'green gold' hypes.

As with the commercialization of any crop, and the development of markets for new forest and agricultural products, there is always the potential for 'bad players' to become involved. Yet in contrast to the Ecologist's comparisons of oil palm and jatropha, bamboo is unique: benchmarks and standards are being developed infront of industry expansion, rather than as an after thought.

EcoPlanet Bamboo has made it a core of the Company's mission to set the benchmark for the sustainable production of an asset which, if grown on carefully selected, low value or marginal land, and under strict environmental conditions, does indeed have the potential to address critical global environmental issues of deforestation, land degradation and climate change.

Our bamboo plantations across the world are grown only on land that was deforested more than a decade ago, currently suffers from severe degradation and is of little economic value for the production of food crops or cattle. These bamboo plantations occur in areas where more than 80% of the surrounding communities are living below national poverty lines, and the opportunities for economic empowerment scarce.

And although bamboo is flaunted for its 1,500 uses, our manufacturing focus is simple: to substitute timber products currently being sourced from traditional and often endangered tree species without substituting quality, thereby reducing the pressure on irreplaceable natural forests.

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