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Bamboo: The Secret Weapon in Forest and Landscape Restoration?

6th March 2014

A recent article published by the World Resources Institute highlights the important role that bamboo can play in the restoration of degraded land at the ecosystem and landscape level.

In September 2011, a core commitment to restore 150 million hectares of lost forests and degraded lands worldwide by 2020 was launched at a ministerial conference in Bonn.

An economic analysis by the IUCN estimates that restoring this 150 million hectares would be worth US $85 billion per year to national and global economies.

The recent World Resources Institute (WRI) posting highlights why an outdated view of bamboo is resulting in a missed opportunity for a resource that is not only versatile and renewable, but traditionally overlooked. Bamboo has the potential to play a critical role within this commitment, which has become known as the Bonn Challenge. With its fast growth and ability to restore degraded and marginalized land, WRI labels bamboo as "the secret weapon in forest and landscape restoration".

EcoPlanet Bamboo's plantations provide an example of how bamboo can not only be part of the solution from a perspective of landscape restoration, but in addition provide an economic resource to communities and governments, as well as attract FDI into areas where few opportunities for investment exist.

Read the full WRI posting here.

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