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Bamboo Plantations Spark Growth of Local SMEs

19th October 2012

EcoPlanet Bamboo operates 6,000 acres of bamboo plantations in some of the most impoverished communities around the world.

Across our operations, EcoPlanet Bamboo has employed hundreds of local staff and provided them with permanent employment. Their incomes have lifted them out of poverty and allowed them to invest in a wide range of social benefits such as better nutrition and education.

This economic impact has expanded outside the borders of our Guadua and African bamboo plantations. Local entrepreneurs have established SMEs to supply goods and services to our operations, which is expanding economic growth and prosperity across the region.

At EcoPlanet Bamboo Central America, the weather can change from a beautiful day to heavy shower in an instant. Understanding the need to keep our staff dry while they are in the fields, a local woman started a small factory to produce raincoats. Today, she sells EcoPlanet Bamboo branded raincoats for our workforce of over 400. Her company employees 3 people, all of which have lifted themselves out of poverty.

These secondary opportunities sparked from our operations continue to develop, employing more people and fueling economic development. These income-generating opportunities are contributing to more sustainable and prosperous lives of the communities surrounding our operations.

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