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Bamboo Plantations Pest Management

31st May 2012

EcoPlanet Bamboo develops an integrated pest management system to deal with potential pest outbreaks within our bamboo plantations.

Bamboo is often touted as a species that doesn't suffer from pest attack and, compared to many commercialized crops, it is indeed resistant. However, insects (of various types), fungi and larger herbivores such as rats all pose a potential threat, particularly in the early years of bamboo growth.

EcoPlanet Bamboo develops an integrated pest management strategy, specific to each plantation. This takes into account the bamboo species being planted, an assessment of known and potential pests, and a suite of other factors including climate, topography, biodiversity within the location etc. Proactive management is then carried out, to ensure that potential attacks are avoided from the onset.

Where possible, we rely on natural remedies including:

  • Facilitating native predators for larger herbivores such as birds of prey
  • Interplanting and plantation borders with plants that act as natural insect repellants
  • Use of natural pesticides such as garlic and chili on newly planted and shooting bamboo seedlings
  • Combined with the use of FSC approved pesticides in our nurseries and on newly transplanted seedlings, this integrated management plan allows for the most environmentally friendly strategies.

For more information on the use of biological agents, see our Southern Africa blog at:

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