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Bamboo Furniture and Handicraft Training

5th March 2012

EcoPlanet Bamboo is training young Nicaraguan's in the skills of bamboo furniture and handicraft making in order to facilitate the development of small and medium level local enterprises.

Although EcoPlanet Bamboo's primary focus is on the use of bamboo in high end applications, within any integrated bamboo community there exist opportunities for processing at multiple levels:

  • Premium processing, for example flooring, laminated panels, veneer
  • Medium value processing, for example construction, local furniture production
  • Low value and bulk processing, for example charcoal, pulp and paper

EcoPlanet Bamboo has hired Luis Prado, a well known Colombian bamboo artisan to train a team of 5 young Nicaraguan's from the community closest to our Rio Kama Plantation, in these skills. Local markets exist for furniture production, and as Nicaragua's value as a tourism destination continues to increase, so do opportunities for locally made crafts. In areas where women are traditionally disenfranchised, the development of such opportunities enables women to empower themselves and therefore longterm social change within their communities.

The development of these medium value products will provide a long term employment opportunity for community members whom, to date are employed on a casual basis when work on the plantations dictates, as well as increase the understanding and appreciation of bamboo as a resource.

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