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10,000 Acre Milestone Achieved

31st July 2013

The purchase of the 3,435 acre San Jose farm in Nicaragua’s RAAS this week marks the completion of EcoPlanet Bamboo’s initial target of restoring 10,000 acres of degraded pastureland into biodiverse bamboo forests.

The conversion of these lands not only restores micro-climates and aids adaptation to climate change, but reduces pressure on remaining forests through the provision of a sustainable alternative fiber, targeted at US timber manufacturing industries, many of whom have been coming under increasing pressure for poor environmental practices and the harvesting of old growth forests.

Included within this farm is approximately 1,000 acres of primary tropical forest. These areas have been set aside for conservation purposes, and surrounding reforestation efforts with native bamboo will expand wildlife habitat and biodiversity corridors.

Associated with this purchase is the creation of an additional 250 permanent jobs (and many more seasonal ones) says EcoPlanet Bamboo’s Central American President, John Vogel, within an area that has traditionally suffered from abject poverty and few options for economic diversification.

Although bamboo is often touted with a wide range of low and medium value products, EcoPlanet Bamboo’s FSC certified Guadua aculeata is most suited as an engineered product, replacing softwood species in OSB, laminates and veneers.


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